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SAF NSFs get new ergonomic 'high-cut' helmets that improve combat effectiveness

September 16, 2020
By Aqil Haziq Mahmud

SINGAPORE: Full-time national servicemen enlisted with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) since October 2019 have been using ergonomic “high-cut” helmets designed to improve combat effectiveness.

The new helmet also allows better integration with other equipment, such as communication headsets and night vision devices, said the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) on Wednesday (Sep 16) in response to queries from CNA.

“The new helmet is part of the Army’s efforts to leverage on science and technology to provide ergonomically designed equipment to enhance the combat effectiveness for every soldier,” said MINDEF.

The new helmet is just one piece of equipment the SAF is looking at to improve soldier performance. CNA previously reported that the Army is trialling a titanium exoskeleton to reduce stress on soldiers carrying heavy loads.

The US Special Operations Command uses a similar high-cut helmet.

According to US military website SOFREP, defence equipment manufacturer Gentex Corporation was awarded a US$95 million (S$129 million) contract in 2019 to supply the US Special Operations Command with “super high-cut” helmets.

While the helmet’s high-cut design means it is lighter and can accommodate more communications and hearing protection systems, it also offers less protection on the side, the report said.

The US’ helmets retail at about US$1,860 on Gentex’s website.

Source: CNA/hz

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