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December 19, 2021
Police officers from the Protective Security Command (ProCom) clearing a room. (Photo: Calvin Oh/CNA) SINGAPORE: On Dec 29, 2019, Inspector (INSP) Herman Mohamed Sidek was on a regular patrol with…
December 13, 2021
Abu Rusdan (left), the Jemaah Islamiyah’s public face, and Abu Bakar Bashir who is the organisation’s spiritual leader. (File photos: AFP) Following a crackdown by regional security forces, the Jemaah…
December 13, 2021
The Internal Security Department said it had reliable information that Shahdan was killed while in the conflict zone. PHOTO: ISD SINGAPORE – They were in the same secret society when…
December 09, 2021
SINGAPORE: The Republic of Singapore Navy’s (RSN) elite combat diving unit has restructured its formation to strengthen its response to increasingly complex and unconventional threats, the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)…
December 04, 2021
Twenty years ago, the Internal Security Department uncovered a plot to launch terror attacks against Singapore. CNA looks back at how it raced against time to thwart what would have brought devastating…
December 02, 2021
SINGAPORE: A Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) warship is taking part in the inaugural Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-Russia maritime exercise, held from Wednesday (Dec 1) to Friday. The…
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