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The Challenges in Pharmaceutical Security – A Regional Perspective

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The Challenges in Pharmaceutical Security – A Regional Perspective

The Milipol Asia-Pacific conference, in association with the Pharmaceutical Security Institute* and Counter Terrorism Certification Board as Conference partners will present an unique insight, highly curated programmes with sought-after Organisations and Speakers for this upcoming Conference. The programme will expound on three main areas, Global  Associations, Regulators and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Themed “The Challenges in Pharmaceutical Security – A Regional Perspective”, the 1-day Conference brings together acclaimed global subject experts from both the regulators and Pharmaceutical industries to share their thoughts, best practice, experience and vision on Pharmaceutical Security, and how Government, private sector security agencies and pharmaceutical companies can work together to assist in their ongoing struggle to secure their products and supply chains, protect its brands and reduce Pharmaceutical fraud.

Whilst the world remains in the grips of COVID-19, criminal organizations have turned this global pandemic into an opportunity to carry out their fraudulent activities, particularly by trafficking counterfeit medical supplies such as face masks,
medical gloves and medicines. This is both a significant and fast growing international issue that is fuelling criminal organisations by generating $100’s of millions in illegal transactions.

The Counterfeiting of medicines is viewed as a serious public health menace run by criminals with no regard for the health and safety of the public and patients. PSI, in coordination with its international members, is responsible for the collection and
analyses of intelligence related to the counterfeiting, illegal diversion and major thefts, both national and trans-national of pharmaceuticals. This information is then disseminated to the relevant law enforcement and drug regulatory authorities. In the course of its duties, PSI partners with Interpol, U.S. Homeland Security Investigations, Global Food & Drug agencies, and various other regulatory and law enforcement agencies to combat the growing menace of pharmaceutical crime.

The upcoming Milipol Asia Pacific event provides the perfect backdrop to dedicate a one day conference to focus exclusively on the regional security challenges facing the Pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical crime must be tackled by both the private and public sector security forces, and this conference will deliberate on the roles and solutions, the challenges, actions and the risks in tackling the problem from its roots through to the end user.

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*The Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI) is a not-for-profit organization established over twenty years ago and supported by the security directors of forty international pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Based in Washington, D.C. the Institute operates on a global basis with representation in the E.U. (Stockholm, Sweden) as well as the Asia-Pacific Region (Singapore).

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